Skynet Telecom offers an ultra fast appointment for installation, every where in Québec.


Here’s why;

  • Reliable (even in bad weather)
  • Affordable (many packages available)
  • Flexible (change your package anytime)
  • Subscriber guaranteed service.
  • No moving fees
  • No strings attached (No contrats no surprises)
  • No security deposit, no credit check
  • You are free to choose any services you want (internet, television or home phone)
  • Delivering excellent customer service 24/7.

Technical team

  • Fast installation (24 to 48 hour appointment)
  • 7 qualified and passionate technicians
  • Unparalleled quality installations.
  • Our work is guaranteed
  • Key-in-hand service, we take care of everything!

Our territory

  • Montreal island
  • north shore
  • south shore
  • Montérégie
  • Eastern township
  • Québec center

We install all across Québec!

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100% satisfaction money back guarantee

(And that’s for all of our services!)