VoIP: The alternative to residential telephone service

Be smart, and leverage your Internet package to save on calls!


Add the IP phone service to your Internet package
for only $9.99/month*!


  • Unlimited calls throughout the entire province
  • Voice mail & call display
  • Automatic call forwarding
  • Other functions: call waiting, caller ID block, call screening, “Do Not Disturb”, three-way calling, voice messages by email, etc.

* Promotional offer valid the first 3 months only. Regular price: $19.99/month. Subject to change without notice. This offer applies only to new customers or those who wish to make a bundle with their Internet package. Other discounts may apply, see our special offers.

North America options

Looking for a package that allows calling other provinces as well as the United States (Alaska and Hawaii excluded)?

  • Enjoy 500 min for an additional $5/month
  • Get 2500 minutes for an additional $10/month

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Mind dropping a line on our Xplornet packages to family and friends out of sight. Calling among subscribers is free in all the Canadian provinces.

Activate the Find Me/Follow Me functions.


Synchronize all your phone devices (e.g. mobile, house line), and ease reaching you for those who want to get in touch.



Put up a sequential call forwarding system. For example, redirect an unanswered call from your house line to a mobile phone. There again, if no answer is provided, send it to your office line.


Questions & Answers

A blog post on the IP phone technology exists. This easy read might answer your questions. Enjoy IP Phone Service – Technology Tip for Smart People .

Still, some more Questions & Answers here.

Q. How does IP telephony work?

It uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as a communication medium. Simply put, it enables you to make calls through the means of the Internet.

If voice over IP uses a different network, it, however, operates in the way with which you are familiar: dial a number, and talk.

All you need is basically a good Internet connexion. Is it the case?

Q. How much do I save opting for the IP phone service?

Savings wise, you should cut your expenses by about half.

How is this even possible? All your “a quick call to” made in the province are at $0. When calling other provinces, you are only charged ¢2.90/min.

Plus, with North America options your phone service charges could get as low as ¢0.004 a call!


Savings Tips can help you lower calling charges even more. Among other things, calls between Xplornet’s IP telephony users are free.

Also, combining all 3 services (Internet, phone & television), you qualify for special bundle rates.

Q. How to put up an IP phone system at my house?

First, you need a fast and reliable Internet connexion. And that’s it.

We will provide the necessary and take care of getting you started. You will get the visit of a qualified installer.

In the meantime, put your connexion to the test.

Q. Will I need a bigger Internet package?

No, you won’t. The package that you have should support VoIP usage.

The IP phone technology needs very little data. Also, a Canadian household uses roughly 0.25 Gb of data each month.

Q. Will I be able to keep my phone number?

Yes, that should be made possible.

It will take about 2 weeks before the transfer is fully effective. Then, you will be getting your calls through the means of IP telephony.

However, please note that toll-free number (e.g. 800, 866, 877) cannot be assigned to a residential line.

Q. How do I contact 911 with a voice over IP system?

Easy as pie! Yet, we wrote you a How-To Guide. Read it, and learn that all you must do is essentially keep your file up to date. Important 911-Service Information

Nonetheless, we still recommend connecting a central alarm system to a land line.

Q. Where will I be notified of billing?

The IP phone service will be added to your monthly statement. Hurrah, less paperwork!

Your needs can be specific – a reality we do understand.

Should you have any particular situation that you wish to discuss, please call us(1 833 685-5381).

Enjoy IP Telephony, Technology Tip for Smart People

IP telephony consumes virtually no internet data. As such, you can save money on your calls by leveraging your high speed internet package. It’s so smart it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!