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High-speed internet service
with EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2

This summer, all the power of extraterrestrial technology is coming… right in your own backyard. And it’s gaining traction!  High-speed ​​internet packages four times faster; ; an Xplornet network three times larger.

SIt’s possible even congested zones will kneel before the supremacy of EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2. Let’s affectionately call the satellite “ES 19/2…”

What’s the “catch?” There isn’t any.

Hughes, the company that owns ES 19/2, specializes in broadband satellite internet solutions. It has the unique advantage of serving large areas well, including remote locations.

Skynet Telecom’s Xplornet network understood this. So, it quickly sought out an alliance with the revolutionary new satellite – and got it!

“This ability will allow us to continue to meet the growing needs of our rural customers.”

– Allison Lenehan, first president of Xplornet

Available across Quebec!

If you live outside of a major urban centre like Quebec City, Montreal or Sherbrooke, coverage is an important issue. The Xplornet Jupiter 2 packages are notable as having the best coverage in Quebec.

Moreover, the large frequency spectrum of ES 19/2 works in congested zones. A large bandwidth means that more customers can take advantage of the service. Like a garden hose, the longer it is, the more water flows through it.

Outside the city, things are happening at turbo speeds.

With the fastest and most efficient throughput on Earth, ES 19/2 allows download speeds of over 150 Gbps. This is the equivalent of watching the entire Breaking Bad series on Netflix in a single second.

« Evolves the industry beyond its current limits. »

– Hugues

Thanks to your favourite extraterrestrial, you can download data quickly. This means that the music you listen to, the online games you play and the videos you stream in real time will all be much more fluid.

Performance is and always will be ensured, even during periods of high traffic. Whether it’s 10:00 a.m. on a Monday morning or 7:00 p.m. on a Wednesday night, you won’t experience any numbing traffic.

Wow! I’m almost afraid to try it…

Don’t be! Xplornet and Hughes have signed a 15 year agreement. Considering how quickly the telecommunications industry evolves, talk about a lifetime lease!

You have a lucky star, believe it or not!

Since June 1, 2017, the world’s highest-speed satellite has been available across Quebec. Already, it has changed the Xplornet network by tripling its capacity. Live far (or very far) from a big city? You can bet it will change your life as well…

Fast. Everywhere. All the time.

In short, extraterrestrial phenomena always occur in the most unusual places. 😉

And how much does this marvel cost?

It all depends on your usage. Ideally, you should calculate how much data you need. Shall we have a look?

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