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IP telephony consumes virtually no internet data. As such, you can save money on your calls by leveraging your high speed internet package. It’s so smart it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

How does it work?

Phones that work with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) use the internet as a communication medium. Other than the type of network they use, they operate in the same way as regular land lines. We call a number, and we speak to our contact person. From the moment an internet connection is available, your residential line can be transformed into an IP telephony system.

Skype, for example, uses IP technology.

You may already be using VoIP on your computer without realizing it. Skype is the world leader in voice and video calls over IP.

However, and contrary to what IP telephony offers, Skype calls are made in a closed circuit. That is, you can only make contact with others who have a Skype account, paid or not.

Moreover, adding Skype to a residential line or cell phone requires a formal subscription.

What do we like about Skype? The technology. VoIP uses minimal bandwidth. If you are concerned about your consumption, check out this article to learn how many gigabytes you use..

  • Reducing your service charges
  • Optimizing the profitability of your internet package
  • And, above all, combining your packages to save big!

By taking advantage of VoIP, you avoid paying for separate packages here and there. You only have one subscription, which saves you money. Why?Because you use the resources that are already available to you by means of your internet connection. And that way you do not need to pay for another communication system.

Combining your services is as awesome as being able to talk, text and email, in addition to take pictures and consult useful apps on a single smartphone. One package; multiple possibilities.

Let’s crunch the numbers

With IP telephony, you reduce the cost of your fixed line by about half. In addition, you benefit from:

  • Unlimited province-wide calls
  • Out-of-province calls at 2.9¢/min
  • North American packages at 0.004¢/call

When you think that the penny has been discontinued as a monetary unit… does that mean that by pooling my services, I can save time and money by having one account to pay? Exactly. It’s simply a matter of having a reliable and ultra-fast internet connection.

IP telephony as a technology isn’t there yet


It is your internet connection that is not reliable. If you have a good high speed internet provider and benefit from good coverage, you have what it takes to have a Voice over IP line.

Another aspect to consider is power supply. Since VoIP is power-operated, it is helpful to have a backup solution in the event of a power outage. Consider, for example, a cell phone or emergency batteries.

Are there any special features?

Only one. Joining 9-1-1 Voice over IP requires you to provide your address, which you must keep up to date in your file. We have written comprehensively on this topic, if you are interested: Important 9-1-1 Information..

It is up to you to maximize the potential of a good internet connection.

The technology is not complicated. However, it is a matter of understanding it in order to benefit from it. Don’t fret, resources exist to help you keep pace, if you feel the need.

Why not start by transforming your fixed line at the cottage this summer?
Skynet offers service clusters, some of which include IP telephony. You can also customize your very own package!

Just tell us what you need. We are listening.

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