Moving? Think Skynet.

D-Day’s at your door. You slam the one on your old place shut for the last time. And you’ll be opening wide the door on your new one. Mmm! A little nest with oodles of potential…

You’ve decided on the city, or the burbs, or the countryside. You’re moving to an apartment, or maybe a house.

We could have taken advantage of this fact to tell you that moving’s a chance to look for a better Internet offer. Especially if you’re moving outside town and you’ve developed a taste for the high speed of the city.

But that would be…taking advantage. 😉 And anyway, you already know that Skynet Telecom offers high-performance solutions when it comes to Internet, satellite TV and IP telephony. And you already know that we deal with the best suppliers (Xplornet, Shaw Direct) and that we offer better prices than them. So why bother?

Here are some ideas for making your move a piece of cake, or almost.

Have some fun! Throw a theme party.

Challenge your little helpers to pack as many boxes as possible before they stop for a thirst-quencher.

Add a magical ingredient. For instance, make someone responsible for sealing your cartons. That official scotch-taper will be able to yell at the slower guys, “Try thinking outside the box!” and hand out wacky penalties to Mr. and Mrs. Lazybones.

Let your creativity run wild: a round of something to drink, a silly accessory…

Turn your box move into a life-size Tetris puzzle.

Opt for the “more is less” formula. Spread the weight of the boxes over that many more cartons. Farewell, lower back pain!

A tip from the pros: Make sure the contents of your cartons are clearly identified.

Practice assembling your pieces by arranging cartons and furniture in a strategic room.

If possible, store all that in a spot close to the door you’ll be moving your stuff through.

Result? You’re more efficient and less tired. Make a human chain and end the day with a bang by honoring the classics of July 1st (whatever the actual date is). And hand out drinks and pizza to all concerned!

A tip from a student doing a moving major: Place your boxes and your furniture in two separate rooms.

Do a potluck of “green” products.

You never know what useful devices will put in an appearance.

Nobody likes housecleaning. One more reason for inviting your buddies to join you in mopping up!

Advice from a college student studying dysfunctional roommates up close: Leave the bathroom and kitchen free. These are your sacred spaces, where you store nothing, niente, nada.


Take advantage of your move to get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore. Or – let’s be honest – that you don’t use.

If you don’t manage to dispose of all those maybe-I’ll-need-that-some-day things, bring in your most hardheaded friends – they’ll play Dr. Phil for you.

What to do with what objects?

Winding up, one last thing. Have your mail forwarded for four months or a year. Visit Canada Post.

Have a great move! Don’t forget to contact us to have your services moved free of charge. Let us know your new address.

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