Get Your Money’s Worth!

All our internet packages are budget plans, which ensures that you NEVER PAY EXTRA AT THE END OF THE MONTH! But what does this really mean?

Let’s say that for an internet package totaling 50 GB per month, such as our Xplore 25 package, we calculate an average usage of about 2 GB per day. This would mean that after four days, 8 GB could be downloaded. Now, suppose that on the fifth day, you download 10 GB all at once. What would happen?

Our Budget Plans Limit Monthly Overhead Costs Without Cutting Your Internet Connection.

Indeed, for a period of 24 hours, the speed would decrease, but your connection would not be cut. Simply put, you would continue to receive emails and be able to communicate with friends on Facebook, but you would not be able to watch online videos.

It is this restriction that ensures that you will never exceed the limits of your internet package and avoids additional charges at the end of the month for using more than your allotted monthly quota.

Thus, you always stay within your budget, even if you share your connection with others!

Internet Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Skynet Telecom guarantees you internet packages without surprises and offers customized solutions to fit your needs and region. So enjoy surfing the net wherever you are!

Get a free estimate now by calling 514-868-8582 (toll-free).

Comparative estimate according to data

Consommation Internet sur Youtube10 GB = 600 videos
20 GB = 1500 videos
50 GB = 3000 videos
75 GB = 4500 videos
100 GB = 6000 videos

Consommation Internet sur Skype10 GB = 370 hours
20 GB = 925 hours
50 GB = 1850 hours
75 GB = 2775 hours
100 GB = 3700 hours

Consommation Internet sur Netflix10 GB = 10 hours
20 GB = 25 hours
50 GB = 50 hours
75 GB = 75 hours
100 GB = 100 hours

Based on the following assumptions: Watching a full-screen video in standard definition at a screen resolution of 480p during 1 hour, requires 787 MB. To watch a movie on Netflix, one must subscribe to Netflix. To make a call using Skype ™ during 1 hour, requires 28 MB. A Skype ™ account is required. Skype ™ logo is a trademark Skype ™ and is used with the express permission of Skype Limited. Watching a video on YouTube during 5 to 7 minutes, requires 17 MB.

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