It’s not a “dish.” Rather a satellite Internet connection.

When it comes to satellite Internet, people often confuse “satellite” and “parabolic antenna,” widely known as a “dish.” They are, however, two very distinct things.

The confusion arises mainly from a misconception about the installation process and how the technology connects to the Web.

The advantages of satellite Internet access

Accessible anywhere

Satellite Internet has the important advantage of being accessible from any area, regardless of local geographic barriers. That’s why the technology is often used in remote regions.

Whether an area is served by ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line), cable, fibre optics, etc., satellite is an excellent option – whatever your location.

Simple to install

Moreover, contrary to fibre optics, all you require is a parabolic antenna installed on your roof or balcony. That’s it! The antenna communicates with the satellite via a signal.

Underground cable for its part is obviously not a viable solution for vehicles such as planes, recreational trailers or boats. The same is true for infrequently visited locations such as the cottage and camping sites. A dish on the other hand is!


Satellite Internet access offers the best value for money. See for yourself… It is also the best option to meet the needs of most users.

In another article, we will compare satellite Internet to other technologies available such as coaxial cable, fibre optics and radio.

You may also be surprised to learn that fibre optics stop a few hundred metres from homes. The connection to your home is completed with a copper wire. The greater the distance between your home and the “node,” the slower your connection speed.

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