EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2

On November 4, 2016, the airbase at Cape Canaveral, Florida hosted the EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2 satellite, the newest high-speed satellite designed and built by Space Systems Loral (SSL) on behalf of Hughes Network Systems LLC (Hughes), a global leader in broadband satellite communications services. Its launch into orbit, scheduled for December 16, 2016, will be done from the Atlas 5 satellite launch operated by United Launch Alliance.

The EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2 satellite, scheduled for launch in March 2017, will offer the high-speed internet service that people have been looking forward to for months. Indeed, EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2 is the world’s fastest satellite internet (over 150 Gbps), which should translate into a significant improvement in high-speed internet service in North America.

How does this affect you? Well, it turns out that Xplornet Communications Inc., one of Canada’s leading rural broadband service providers, reached an agreement with Hughes in 2015. As part of this agreement, Xplornet committed to Hughes to a lifetime lease for all of the Canadian satellite broadband capacity of the famous high-speed satellite. This is important news for Skynet subscribers as it translates into even greater value for all customers in rural areas.

For example, compared to its predecessor, EchoStar 17, which launched in 2012, the new EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2 satellite, equipped with the latest JUPITER® system, is characterized by a next-generation architecture with more than 120 spot beams, enabling people living in rural areas – whether just outside large urban centres or in much more remote locations – to benefit from high-speed, high-quality internet service for at least 15 years.

With four times the capacity and speed, and with the ability to reach a much higher altitude, the satellite will ensure a greater coverage in Quebec, with accessibility to more areas. In addition, the satellite will make it possible to unblock service in areas where it has reached a saturation point.

In short, Skynet is very pleased to announce that it will attend the launch and will soon be able to better meet your needs for high-speed internet and other services. Who said that Christmas only comes on December 24 th and 25 th ? So be on the lookout for the great surprises we have in store for you for 2017!

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