Outside wifi

Solution to connect to the wifi outside or to connect one or more buildings! Share your internet connection anywhere on your property, no matter how big.

The wifi that covers away!

Connect your buildings with a stable and secure wireless link.

Connect on your detached buildings to internet.

Cameras, IP telephony, or any application that can offer internet from a single connection, no matter or on your property.

Because the shortest path is the straight line.

Sky is the limit!

Turnkey program in hand.

Do you have a clear, barrier-free line of sight between your buildings?

We have the antennas you need for an unexpected data transfer! Up to 1.2 Gbps over 30 km of distance!


outside Wifi

Click here for outside wifi


Cover your residential land with wifi

Up to 500 feet


Cover your wifi fields, up to 5 km

point to point

Click here for point to point

Point to Point/Wireless Building Links


Up to 100 Mbps by 500 feet



Up to 500 Mbps over 2.5 Km



Up to 1.2 Gbps over 30 km

*Parts, installation and programming included. Travel included, with a new internet subscription.

Skynet Telecom has invested to allow you to be connected to the source, without detour.

High-performance broadband connection
Secure data transfer
Custom package with your choice of speed

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Faster. Price still low.
Skynet. Smack dab with its tailored packages, combos and trios



* One time payement installation for material, installation and programmation