Xplornet Internet connection

for rural areas

Benefit from ultra-fast Web access, and this is leaving no one behind. Stream videos, music, and get your online games to another level. Everyone in the family can enjoy the ultra-fast connection simultaneously allowing for a peaceful environment.
  • Get high-speed Internet wherever you live.

  • We guarantee 25 Mbps, wherever you are located.

  • Adjust packages to your specific needs, it’s free.

Over 100 transmitting LTE & WiMAX towers in Quebec.

Great for online gaming!

Access a very smooth wireless communication network throughout the country.

  • No delay
  • As generous as unlimited GB of data
  • As fast as 25 Mbps

Starting at $39.99/month*

Access a competitive wireless network in the open areas.

  • No delay
  • Very vast coverage
  • As generous as 500 GB of data

Starting at $39.99/month*

Jupiter-2 satellite
Get a very fast connection everywhere, even in saturated locations.

  • Very reliable
  • Two-way communication technology
  • As fast as 25 Mbps

Unlimited data!

ViaSat-2 satellite
Enjoy high performance wireless connection with very broad coverage.

  • High definition streaming
  • Clear VoIP communication
  • High data transfer 

Unlimited data!

*Prices south of the river are guaranteed for 2 years. A discount of $ 20 / month for the first 3 months applies to certain packages north of the river with a one-year agreement only. All offers are subject to change without notice. Certain conditions apply.

Soon, be prepared to reach unexpected Internet speed levels with ViaSat-2.

About Xplornet

Canada’s number 1 Internet access provider in rural areas.

As the leader in rural areas, Xplornet provides broadband Internet access solutions to all Canadians. No exception! Its high speeds and astronomic data-transfer capacities give you what it takes to enjoy online gaming and video streaming… as well as they do in the city.

The wireless coverage can turn a house, building or workplace into a smart one with fast upload and download speeds. You will absolutely love your Internet connection for its reliable performance.

Skynet Telecom is proud to partner up putting the entire Province of Quebec online. Thanks to true inclusive means! Enjoy surfing in open areas, and get this done beautifully with our team and custom packages.

What are the technologies available in my area?

Contact us to know the type of network available in your area.

Approximate comparisons according to different data

youtube-icon10 GB = 600 videos
20 GB = 1500 videos
50 GB = 3000 videos
75 GB = 4500 videos
100 GB = 6000 videos

skype-icon10 GB = 370 hours
20 GB = 925 hours
50 GB = 1850 hours
75 GB = 2775 hours
100 GB = 3700 hours

netflix-icon10 GB = 10 hours
20 GB = 25 hours
50 GB = 50 hours
75 GB = 75 hours
100 GB = 100 hours

Want to know where your data is going? Read this article to understand your consumption: How much do you spend in gigabytes on Netflix, YouTube and Skype ? The ideal way to choose an Internet package that suits you is to properly assess your needs.